Building Projects
Like many of you and our fellow modelers, I have a few planned projects I would like to build. For these projects, I have collected the scale models suited for these targets. On this page and the following, I would like to present the planning stages and finally, the building of the models and diorama's that are the subjects of these projects. I hope you enjoy it. And pls be free to mail me and give your tips and or help for finishing these projects or information on the vehicles and other subjects I show here. Most of the projects will be in 1/35th scale. On the project pages, I will try to give all the information on how and where you can find what you need to build it. Also in the background I show how I build the models. So let's go and enjoy our hobby. Oh and I also give information on the publications involved with building the models. A lot can be found on the internet. But like I wrote before, I'm a bit oldfashioned guy so I like to have "paper" beside my projects to see what I'm doing. A computer screen or TV is OK with me, but not always gives you the information you need. For starters, I plan the next projects. Though I'm rusty building kits and dioramas, I start with some smaller kits that I will add here to get my skills back. But stay watching these pages as I get them filled with first information and steps to start them.

  WW II High Speed Tractor M6 with 240 mm Howitzer M1

  WW II M26A1 Tank Transporter with German Midget Submarine Seehund

  WW II Mörser Karl and PzKpfw IV Munitionsträger für Karlgerät

  WW II M35 Prime Mover with 8-Inch M1 Howitzer

  WW II M25 Tank Transporter "Dragon Wagon" with LVT-4



  WW II M4 High Speed Tractor and 155-mm Gun

  WW II Scammell Tank Transporter with Trailer


  WW II German 15cm sFH 18 and Horse Team

  WW II CMP vehicles    
  a. CMP C60S Holmes Breakdown Wrecker
  b. CMP Chevrolet C60L Petrol Tank Truck

  WW II Engineer Vehicles (Bulldozers, Cranes, etc.)    

  WW II U.S. Trucks (Diamond T, Chevrolet, GMC, etc.)    
  a. U.S. Diamond T 972 Dump Truck
  b. U.S. Diamond T 969 Wrecker with open cab
  c. U.S. Diamond T 969 Wrecker with closed cab
  d. U.S. Diamond T M19 Tank Transporter

  WW II British Vehicles (Bedford, Ford, AEC, etc.)    
  a. Scammell Pioneer SV/2S Heavy Breakdown Tractor
  b. Bedford QLR - Lorry 3-Ton 4x4 Wireless House Type

  WW II German Vehicles (Ford, Opel, Mercedes, etc.)    

  WW II Armored cars (German, British, U.S.)    
  a. AEC Armored Command Vehicle Dorchester HP version

  WW II Typ VII U-Boat diorama in Harbor    

  WW II Schnellboot S-100 Diorama

  U.S. Army Caterpillar D7 Bulldozer with LeTourneau Scraper Model LS