U.S. Diamond T 972 Dump Truck

The Models and Materials needed
As I allready talked about in my article on the Diamond T trucks, these vehicles are most appealing to the modeller. As these are iconic in World War 2 transport, recovery and appearance. For this project my subject is the Diamond T 972 Dump Truck. The only 1/35th scale model is that from Mirror Models. It's a very nice detailed kit. Very crisp parts. For the 1/72th scale fans there is a model produced by IBG Models and for 1/48th scale builders see the website of Wespe Models. I want to build a very simple vignette with this vehicle just to show the model itself. So nothing fancy. It's a beauty in itself.
As a primary source I used the TM 9-811 from 1944. It states:"Dump Truck (Model 972). The dump truck is built on the standard 4-ton, 6x6 chassis. Special equipment consists of a steel dump body, with power-driven hoist equipment. The power take-off for the hoist is mounted on the transfer case. There is no winch on this model." Models 972 were used by the Corps of Engineers, to haul and dump earth, sand, gravel and similar materials. Most were built with a closed cab, but after september 1943 these vehicles were also produced with an open cab. The dump body was operated from within the cab and was equipped with a power-driven hydraulic hoist. The power take-off for the hoist was mounted on the transfer case. The inside dimensions of the dump body were approximately 80” x 120". The cab was protected from heavy objects by means of a steel shield mounted on the body. Closed cabs seemed to have no winch as was stated in TM 9-811, although the later open topped cabs did have winches.


A military Diamond T 972 Dump Truck being loaded by a dragline.

Where to find information

Publications found
on the Diamond T 972 Dump Truck

Tankograd No 6011 - U.S. WW II Diamond T 4-Ton 6x6 - Michael Franz

Squadron Signal Publications No 27031 - Diamond T 4-Ton Truck Walk Around - David Doyle

Classic Military Vehicles Issue 203

A wartime advertisement with the Dump Truck

Building The Model


The Final Result